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Events: We Invite Your Participation

Since 2003, ALI has been holding real-world events, performing our public mission directly to live audiences, beyond the virtual world of the Internet served by TAC. Nothing really substitutes for real person-to-person contact!

The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival - Exploring the human cultural heritage on screen. Since 2003, the only juried international film competition in the Western Hemisphere for this genre.


TAC Conference on Cultural Heritage Film - An annual meeting, held concurrently with TAC Festival, to promote discussion and collaboration on the uses of cultural heritage film.

ArchaeologyFest Film Series - A series of the best films from TAC Festival on tour to venues around the state of Oregon.


TAC Festival On the Road - Bring the best archaeological and cultural heritage films to your venue, anywhere!

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The Archaeology Channel

Conference on Cultural Heritage Media

Eugene, Oregon, USA

 May 15 - 19, 2024

TAC Film Fest

ArchaeologyFest Film Series:

Best of 2017!



TAC Festival On The Road


Bring the world's best archaeological and cultural heritage films to your venue!

Call for abstracts 2024

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The Archaeology Channel
International Film Festival

Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!

May 15 - 19, 2024

Conference on Cultural Heritage Media

Civic Winery, 50 E.11th Ave, Eugene, Oregon, USA

May 16 - 18, 2024

Film Festival Screenings

Recital Hall, The Shedd Institute, Eugene, Oregon, USA
May 16 - 19, 2024

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The Archaeology Channel

International Film and Video Festival

Recital Hall, The Shedd Institute

Eugene, Oregon, USA

May 4 - 7, 2017

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A List of the Videos and Films selected to be screened for the 2014 TAC International Film and Video Festival, held at The Shedd Institute, in Eugene OR. May 9-11, 2014

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The Archaeology Channel
International Film Festival

Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!

May 17 - 21, 2023

Conference on Cultural Heritage Media

Civic Winery, Eugene, Oregon, USA

May 20, 2023

Film Festival Screenings

Recital Hall, The Shedd Institute, Eugene, Oregon, USA
May 18 - 21, 2023

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The Archaeology Channel
International Film Festival

Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!

May 15 - 19, 2024

Conference on Cultural Heritage Media

Civic Winery, Eugene, Oregon, USA

May 18, 2024

Film Festival Screenings

Recital Hall, The Shedd Institute, Eugene, Oregon, USA
May 16 - 19, 2024


2016 Festival Entry Guildlines

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF LETTER OF INTENT: December 12, 2015 (click here for example)


Film Festivals Worldwide

Important note: Festival dates, locations, and times are subject to potential change due to covid-19 restrictions.

Festivals celebrating the genre of archaeological film are held regularly in a variety of countries.  These festivals provide a showcase for film and video makers and a venue for distributors and the public to examine their work.  We at Archaeological Legacy Institute are pleased to post festival information here for those who might like to attend a festival or submit film and video productions for screening.

The Archaeology Channel Tours

The Archaeology Channel Tours is a program set apart from others by our commitment to storytelling and expert guidance.  We believe that a tour should be far more than a photo-op or checking off a bucket list.  For us, a tour is an opportunity to perform our mission to tell the human story, in this case by bringing people to the real sites where history took place.  We like to embed the background in the tour process, so each destination represents an episode in the historic timeline and has a comfortable place in the temporal, cultural and environmental context.  We also like to design unique tours not offered by others.

Just below, you can see our upcoming tour schedule.

Video Category, Level B.


Interesting people with interesting things to tell us.

Click on the title to see the interview


Thoughtful people on camera offering their views and perspectives.

Click on the title to see the commentaries

Kentucky Archaeology

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet commits itself to protecting and preserving Kentucky's past. Check out these four videos to see what kind of work archaeologists have been doing in Kentucky.

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The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) was a turning point in the history of archaeology in the United States.  This law required that the implementation of any project using federal funds or involving a federal permit take into account the project’s effects on historic places, including archaeological sites.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NHPA, American archaeologists worked together to produce a series of short films, each one representing a particular state, highlighting the gains in our understanding of the lives of our forebears that would not have come about without that law.



Video Guide List



Strata: Portraits of HumanityStrata: Portraits of Humanity

Strata: Portraits of Humanity is a monthly half-hour newsmagazine-style show. Each episode of the human story is a portrait building on the many layers of the human experience. This is a record we are just beginning to uncover. From that perspective, Strata delivers in-depth coverage of a wide variety of archaeological and cultural heritage topics all around the world.

Strata: Portraits of Humanity on Cable TV


Full versions of interviews with archaeologist newsmakers seen on Strata: Portraits of Humanity, our show that thoroughly explores a wide variety of archaeological and cultural heritage topics from all around the world.

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Laura Pettigrew

Laura Kennedy,
Voice of the Audio News.

The news of the week in audio, for many years compiled and written by the late Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica, is now the product of our dedicated volunteer team. Read by Laura Kennedy, the Audio News is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew. 

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Thoughtful people offering their views and perspectives.

(Click the title to play the audio and get additional information)


Interesting people answering questions about interesting things.


Audio vignettes about us

What have we learned about ourselves as human beings? Who are we and why do we do what we do? Explore these questions in an audio essay series created by a group of anthropologists at the University of New Mexico. These essays were prepared in order to share with people everywhere the wisdom gained through the study of human cultures and behavior around the world.

The programs listed below were written by Dr. Robert D. Leonard and Mr. Anton Daughters, narrated by Anton Daughters, and produced by Paul Ingles, Kathleen Sabo and Anton Daughters.

Use the media player and go through each clip.



One-hour Native American cultural magazine radio programs offering a rich tapestry of oral history and storytelling from indigenous elders along with special features on health and healing, grandmother’s culture, and music—both traditional and contemporary. ALI is proud to present these excellent series to exhibit the strength, continuity and artistry of native cultures.


Series 1



Series 2



Series 3



This show targets an audience interested in archaeology. It explores myths surrounding this exotic, often misunderstood field and acquaints listeners with the contemporary practice of unearthing the human past. Themes range from Dr. Schuldenrein’s own “Indiana Jones”-like adventures in the land of the Bible to his team’s archaeological forensics effort to unearth Kurdish mass graves in Iraq. That undertaking helped convict Saddam Hussein in 2006. Topical issues contribute to the evolution vs. creationism controversy based on updated fossil records and innovative DNA studies. An episode highlights the main funding source for archaeology in the U.S. (Hint: the oil and gas industry). Experts reveal the latest high-tech approaches to buried archaeological landscapes that provide clues to understanding climate change, past, present and future. Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality and 21st Century Archaeology is broadcast live every Wednesday at 3 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

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Archaeology News

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Teacher Resources

Archaeology has broad educational appeal and application. Not only is it fun for students, but it also can be directly related to a variety of subjects and content standards, such as history, geography, social studies, biology, and science. Archaeology is also a critically important source of information about the human past, offering us a unique perspective on our human identity and our common heritage with people all around the world. The information directory we are creating here is intended to assist teachers in applying archaeology as an instructional tool for their students.

As you review and use these pages, YOU can assist the process of building this directory. We especially are interested in additional resources from outside North America. If you know of information resources that are not included here, if you identify errors or dead links, or have other suggestions, please tell us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This page is a work in progress! Please bear with us as we work to get it up and running.

Here you will find links to activities from various archaeological based resources. These activities are taken directly from their source and their intended purpose is to be used in the classroom.

In this section, one will find resources related to opportunities for educators to improve their credentials and add experience to their resume.

Resources for educators to use in the field to reinforce the educational content such as worksheets, fact sheets and other activities can be found here.

In this category there are resources which lead directly to either interactive websites, videos or other new interactive interfaces the user(s) can become engaged with archaeological based material.

Below is a collection of lesson plans about cultural heritage and archaeology.

In this category, short articles, smaller books and other anecdotal stories about cultural heritage and archaeological based information from teachers and educators spotlight the issues, challenges and rewards of an archaeologically based curriculum.

Archaeology related Power Point Presentations from various cultural heritage and archaeological based organizations. NOTE-Microsoft Power Point is required to view resources. 

In this category are links to archaeologically based programs from various organizations. These programs are designed mainly for elementary to high school aged students though some are available for all ages. 

In this section, each link leads to webites for further reading and information. This section can be defined as being the main webpage for each link.

Designed distinctly for teachers, these resources can be described as comparable to teacher seminars in which professional opportunities, including re-certification and continuing education, are available. Each workshop is unique to the organization which runs it and is contingent upon the resources available at each organization.

Uncover other great finds by linking to:

Film Production Services

Archaeological Legacy Institute offers film production services for projects that are in keeping with its cultural heritage public mission.  We invite archaeologists, indigenous groups, museums, tourism offices, government agencies, and others who wish to share their stories with the public through the film medium to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your ideas and goals.  We will help guide you through the process of budgeting and planning a film or video project prior to any decision you might make to undertake production.

Film is a very powerful medium for delivering important perspectives, concepts and information. ALI employs a team of highly capable film makers and production staff to carry out production services:

In House Productions

In-House Productions

Almost from its beginning, ALI has engaged in film and video production in the performance of its nonprofit mission to tell the human story.  We think the pieces we make should be informative and trustworthy, for sure, but beyond that they should be fun to watch.  Over the years we have gained lots of experience in this area and we aim to get better and better at what we do.  Here below is a list of our in-house productions, compiled by year.

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Volunteer Program


ALI has numerous opportunities for growth as an Internet media and public outreach organization and needs to expand its volunteer work force in order to take advantage of these opportunities.  Some of our volunteers may become employees, depending upon their productivity and effectiveness.


Thank you for your interest! Our current Volunteer Position Openings are below.


About Us: Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI) is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in Eugene, Oregon.  Our streaming-media website and chief project, The Archaeology Channel (TAC), launched 23 years ago, has become one of the world’s most popular websites relating to archaeology and the human cultural heritage, with annual traffic exceeding one million page views.   A closely-related spinoff of TAC is The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, produced each spring at The Shedd Institute in downtown Eugene.  TAC Festival is the only juried international film competition for our genre in the Western Hemisphere and attracts participation from all over the world.   In 2010, ALI launched its first cable TV programming distributed over a growing nationwide network of stations.


Our Volunteers: ALI, TAC, and our other programs could not operate without the generosity and hard work of our volunteers, to whom we express our heartfelt gratitude.  Dozens of them are helping us in one way or another, both locally (Eugene, Oregon) and around the world.  Through their excitement and their contributions, these unselfish and skilled individuals make it possible for us to share with all the benefits of archaeology and the diverse perspectives of cultures around the world.

Volunteer Position Openings


Some of these positions are local, in our office, while others can be performed online, so individuals from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply.  Please contact us via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to apply for an opening or to ask for further information.



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