Series 3, Program 2: The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation*


Elder Wisdom Feature: Frances Vanderburg

Brian Bull interviews elder Frances Vanderberg, who shares her experiences and the cultural conflicts she faced as a small girl going to school at St. Ignatius convent.

Speaking Native

Don Addison discusses the language of the Montana Salish people who speak a dialect of the Salishan language family, which includes Bella Coola, and the Coastal and Interior Salish.

Sacred Landscape

Judy Bluehorse Skelton features seed-saving and native plant restoration programs, including the work of Ethnobotanist, Joanne Big Crane who works with Salish Kootenai College's Native Plant Nursery.

Tribal Rhythms

Nico Wind introduces us to Salish elder Louis Adams, whose parents helped to preserve his ancestors' sweatlodge songs for future generations.

Health and Healing

Rose High Bear introduces us to Lucy Vanderburg who has met the challenge of diabetes and shares her experiences and her laughter.

Artist's Circle

Bruce Crespin introduces us to the conceptual art of Corwin Clairmont who completed a successful art education career in Los Angeles, and then returned home to the Flathead Reservation where he continues to this day to encourage his people to become artists.

Turtle Island Storytellers

Kootenai Vernon Finley tells a story of coyote and what he should have known or learned, but didn't. And what we can learn from his example. (His story is also discussed in the programs' hosts closing comments.)

* Segment transcripts and participant biographies can be found on the Wisdom of the Elders Web site.