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Dashi is the bedrock of Japanese cuisine and deceptively simple.  Master chefs have jealously guarded their recipes for centuries and blended their aromas at night.  The development of dashi came about as a result of the arrival of Buddhism in Japan about one thousand five hundred years ago.  The adoption of Buddhism by the Imperial Court inspired the Japanese people to try to distill nature’s essence from the few plentiful ingredients they had at hand, such as konbu seaweed that grows in the northern seas, the shoals of bonito that arrive once a year on their annual migration north and the shiitake mushrooms that are nurtured in Japan’s dense forests.   Dashi is a distillation of the natural resources of Japan.


Screening time: Sunday, May 17, 11:00 am (Session 6)


Due to certain restrictions Dashi: Essence of Japan trailer can not be shown online by The Archaeology Channel.


Length: 51 min.

Country: Japan

Language: English

Director: Shohei Shibata

Producer: Nozomu Makino, Jun Ito, Yoshimi Oganeku, Luc Martin Gousset

Producer Web site: None

Distributor: Shohei Shobata, NKH (Japan Broadcasting Company)

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Awards/Selections: N/A