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Ancient Maya Cities of the Yucatan

Maya civilization flourished in the Yucatan from the early Pre-classical (ca. 2000 BC) to the early Spanish colonial period.  Even after the so-called Maya Collapse of the ninth century AD, Maya cities in the Yucatan continued, with some rising and others falling, throughout Post-classical times (AD 950-1539).  As a result, this region offers an opportunity to visit a series of Maya cities, each unique and all of them together representing thousands of years of continuous Maya cultural development up to the time when Bishop Landa burnt the Maya books.  After visiting various Maya cities, you will have a firm, hands-on, concept of the wonderful richness and complexity of urban Maya culture.  In the process, you will witness the cultural life of modern Maya people, who are a majority of the local population.

Dates: December 1 - 10, 2020

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