Lesson Plans

Below is a collection of lesson plans about cultural heritage and archaeology.

Organization: CTAP Online

Description: One of the best ways to engage children in history is by involving them in activities related to their own life's experiences. This unit gives students an opportunity to study history through a familiar and relevant topic: families. Students will explore family roots, traditions, and how daily life has changed and remained the same.

Age group or class level: Grade 2

Exploring Family Roots (PDF)

Organization: CTAP Online

Description: Students describe what is known through archaeological studies of the early physical and cultural development of humankind from the Paleolithic era to the agricultural revolution.

Age group or class level: Grade 6

Early Humankind and the Development of Human Societies (PDF)

Organization: CTAP Online

Description: Students describe the social, political, cultural and economic life and interactions among people of California from the pre-Columbian societies to the Spanish mission and Mexican rancho periods.

Age group or class level: Grade 4

Pre-Columbian Settlements and People (PDF)

Organization: Crayola

Description: A series of guides for teachers to use to create native American pottery replicas which helps students learn about the intricate designs and important symbols of native Americans.

Age group or class level: Grades 6-8

Native Pottery Replicas

Organization: Dig Magazine

Description: List of links to lesson plans for teachers to use in the classroom; available for the past 12 years. Topics are archaeology based and range from Angkor Wat to Dogs to Hieroglyphs.

Age group or class level: Teachers/Grades 5-9.

Teachers Guide

Organization: Education World

Description: This lesson helps students understand what archaeologists find, why they search for artifacts, and how they reconstruct them. The lesson as written ties to a state history curriculum, but can easily be adapted to fit into curriculum relating to ancient cultures, and local history.

Age group or class level: Grades K-12

Reconstructing Artifacts

Organization: The Field Museum

Description: Follow the epic tale of the peoples in the Americas. This guide also includes an introductory section on Learning and Teaching about Indigenous Cultures.

Age group or class level: Grades 6-8

The Ancient Americans (PDF)

Organization: Houston Museum of Natural Sciences

Description: A lesson plan about the National Geographic film “Jerusalem,” with facts, information and activities related to the film. Teachers can use this lesson plan in order to teach their students about Jerusalem in general.

Age group or class level: All Grades/Class Levels

Jerusalem-Educator Tool Kit (PDF)

Organization: Memorial Hall Museum Online

Description: This lesson plan is used in conjunction with visiting Memorial Hall. Three activities teach students about the nature of Native Americans in the Deerfield area.

Age group or class level: Grades 3-8

Lesson 2: Early Indian Inhabitants of Deerfield

Organization: Memorial Hall Museum Online

Description: For middle school classes, "Research and Investigation Project (RIP): A Grave Undertaking" unit is an exploration of the lives of individuals who lived in Deerfield from 1780-1880. Throughout their investigations of the past, students analyze a variety of primary and secondary sources and material culture to draw inferences about their research subjects, Deerfield's history, and the history of the country during this 100-year period.

Age group or class level: 8th Grade

R.I.P.-A Grave Undertaking

Forward, Into the Past

Speaking in Grave Tones

Digging Into the Past

A Line Drive