Location: West Virginia         Length: 28 min.

In this film, a team of archaeologists combines traditional research and modern technology to unveil a lost era in American history. The film examines fateful events leading to the destruction of the once-proud legacy of a loyal family of Confederate Virginians, spanning decades of the early nineteenth century across a fertile fringe of wilderness in Western Virginia. With the help of about 80 slaves, their Southern-style plantation thrived. A century later, all that remained was the family home itself.

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Directed by Daniel Boyd

Produced by Daniel Boyd and Mike Riley, Paradise Film Institute

Council for West Virginia Archaeology

Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.

The Jenkins Plantation Museum

West Virginia Archives and History (West Virginia Division of Culture and History)

2008–2012 Preservation Activities at the Jenkins House Green Bottom, West Virginia (PDF; US Army Corps of Engineers)

Archival Research on the History of the Albert Gallatin Jenkins House (PDF; US Corp of Army Engineers)

Archeology at the Jenkins House Green Bottom, West Virginia (PDF; US Corp of Army Engineers)

US Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District