Location: United Kingdom       Length: 11 min.

English blacksmiths are commissioned to make a pattern-welded replica of a Saxon sword. This sword was buried with its owner and lay underground for 1500 years until it was found by archaeologists excavating to make way for the Shrivenham by-pass, near Watchfield, in the 1980s.  This film follows the blacksmiths as they research the history and makeup of the sword and go through the process of creating a replica.  Produced for the Oxfordshire Museum Service, Oxfordshire County Council.

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Produced in 2014 by Sharon Woodward, Anna Griffiths and David Moon 

Copyright 2014 by Oxfordshire Museum Service, Oxfordshire County Council

Excavation and Survey at Watchfield, Oxfordshire, 1983-1989: An Interim Report. By Christopher Scull in Oxoniensia (1990)

History in the Making (Part 3)

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