In this documentary, Felix Ugarte Elkartea introduces us to the complex world of the ancient mining that the Romans developed at the ancient port city of Oiasso, located within the modern city today named Irun in Spanish and Gipuzkoa in Basque, in Spain near the French border.  In the western foothills of the Pyrenees and the next to the Bay of Biscay stands the granite massif called Aiako Harria in Basque and Peñas de Aya in Spanish.  On these slopes one of the chief mining centers of the Iberian Peninsula lasted until modern times.

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Metalla Oiassonis: The Port and Mining District of Oiasso (Irun) ( IVth Congress of Public Works in the Roman City, 2008) (in Spanish)

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Roman Deep-vein Mining, by Lynne Cohen Duncan (University of South Carolina)