(1) From King Arthur and the Isle of Avalon to the incredibly preserved remains of prehistoric trackways and lake villages, the unique wetland of the Somerset Levels and Moors in southwest England has a rich and varied heritage.  (2) For 50 years, Basque families across the American West have gathered in Elko, Nevada, on the July Fourth weekend to celebrate their culture.  This film displays the 2013 National Basque Festival, featuring music, dancing, traditional foods, and competitions in weightlifting, log splitting and chorizo-making.

Produced in 2015 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

Copyright 2015 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

Center for Basque Studies (University of Nevada, Reno)

Narrative History of England (Britannia)

Nevada Arts Council

Sheepherders of Northern Nevada (University of Nevada, Reno)

Somerset County Council

Somerset Levels (Wikipedia)