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The news of the week in audio, brought to you by The Archaeology Channel, is compiled and written by Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica and read by Laura Pettigrew. The audio news is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew.

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Laura Pettigrew

Laura Pettigrew, voice of the Audio News.

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Bronze in Alaska; new text on Antikythera Mechanism; new DNA study on Australia’s Mungo Man; satellite pics enable new Petra discovery.

King Tut’s meteoritic iron dagger; Maya observatory tracked Venus: writing from early Roman London; microbes made faux Greek ruins.

Chinese brewery 5000 years old; historical Idaho massacre located; stalagmite structure built by Neanderthals; high-altitude rock paintings in France.

Jewelry from jawbones in Oaxaca; Revolutionary War period discoveries in Philadelphia; merger of Egyptians and Nubians; Israel shipwreck from time of Constantine.

Swedish runestone deciphered; horse racing in Roman Turkey; Jamestown cooking grill; Captain Cook ship in Rhode Island

Buddhist shrine in Pakistan; rare Etruscan writing; island builders in south Florida; mosaic from Roman Antioch

Roman villa in England; Nazca tunnels from space; building erected by Egyptian queen; Spanish Paleolithic hand stencils

Reproducing Mesolithic headdresses; ancient Israel literacy on pottery shards; Montana burns reveal ancient features; Catholic priest tomb in Aztec temple

Megalith on Mediterranean island; animal dung marks Hannibal route; underwater city on India coastline; meta-analysis highlights South America population shifts

Possible second Viking site in Newfoundland; violent death of Ramses III; assessing ISIS damage to Palmyra; rare Etruscan stone inscription

Chemical study of Japanese pottery; Bison bones in Arizona; corduroy road in Ontario; clues to Laos Plain of Jars

Tibetan Silk Road; Cherokee tree cultivation; Greeks battled Goths; bones of Swedish king