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Location: Cambodia        Length: 7 min

Khmer King Jayavarman VII built Banteay Chhmar in northwest Cambodia at the end of the 12th Century using grandiose temple plans similar to those he adopted for Angkor…


Location: Turkey         Length: 11 min

An ancient Armenian capital now part of Turkey in the heart of the South Caucasus region, Kars alternately came under Byzantine, Turkish, Georgian, Russian, and Armenian control…

plantationhouse web

Location: Louisiana, USA     Length: 18 min.

The Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum handled the MNHRP-mandated research…


Location: Utah         Length: 57 min

When it was revealed in 2004, Range Creek Canyon became a worldwide sensation. In a special parcel of land wedged in a remote corner of Utah, the Wilcox family had protected hundreds—if not thousands—of ancient Fremont Culture archaeological sites.


Location: West Virginia         Length: 28 min

In ancient times before the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Walls of Jericho were ever built, Native Americans lived in West Virginia’s Kanawha Valley...


Location: Florida         Length: 28 min

Before Spanish explorers arrived 500 years ago, Florida was home to a variety of sophisticated and colorful native societies, including diverse groups such as the Calusa, Apalachee, Timacua, and Tequesta…


Location: Panama         Length: 11 min

Some evidence, not yet confirmed by archaeological analysis, suggests that the shipwreck at Playa Damas is that of La Vizcaina, a ship abandoned in 1503 by Christopher Columbus on his fourth and final voyage…


Location: Alaska         Length: 8 min

Alaska is the setting for the fourth Shovel Bum e-zine extravaganza, featuring Trent DeBoer’s drawings and real voice…


Location: Washington         Length: 7 min.

The Shovel Bum saga moves into its third installment, produced by ALI's Guy Prouty and featuring Trent DeBoer's drawings and real voice…


Location: Arkansas         Length: 5 min

If you ever wanted to know what an archaeologist's life really is like, you can get the inside scoop in a special adaptation of the Shovel Bum zine...