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Location: Idaho/Oreogn         Length: 25 min

The basalt cliffs of Hells Canyon have witnessed the ebb and flow of Native American tribes, trappers, miners, and homesteaders as each has left a mark on America’s deepest river gorge.


Location: Guatemala         Length: 6 min

Dr. Mark Van Stone, a leading expert on the Maya calendar and the significance of 2012, reads the story of a powerful Maya king on Quiriguá Stela D, a late Eighth Century stone monument in Guatemala…


Location: Guatemala         Length: 6 min

Dr. Mark Van Stone, a leading expert on the Maya calendar and the significance of 2012, describes the front of Quiriguá Stela K, a Guatemalan stone monument carved in AD 805, just before the Maya Collapse…


Location: Worldwide         Length: 5 min

This film is a parody of the very popular television series, Digging for the Truth, which is broadcast by the History Channel. The episode parodied is Mystery of the Anasazi…


Location: Virginia         Length: 21 min

The story of the Monacan People, from pre-history to the present, is finally told in this documentary produced and edited by Sharon Bryant, a member of the Monacan Indian Nation...


Location: West Virginia         Length: 29 min

This film interprets the historical archaeology at the Marmet Lock Replacement Project in Kanawha County, West Virginia. The excavations uncovered four salt furnaces, John Reynolds' mansion, the cabin occupied by his slaves, and the cemetery where he and several family members were buried.


Location: Iraq         Length: 5 min

In this video, Donny George Youkhanna, former Director of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad pleads for us to remember the looting of the Museum and archaeological sites of Iraq, often called the "Cradle of Civilization."

ancientwall web

Location: Ostia Antica, Italy         Length: 9 min

Technicians using ancient building techniques work to save crumbling walls at “The Mithraeum of the Painted Walls” in Ostia Antica, the harbor of classical Rome. During a journey to the ruins of Ostia Antica, the harbor of ancient Rome, we visit The Mithraeum of the Painted Walls…

chinesewoman web

Location: Oregon, USA     Length: 17 min.

Archaeological excavation in 2013 along a quiet street in Jacksonville in preparation for streetscape improvements…


Location: Idaho, Oregon         Length: 15 min

For thousands of years, Native American people used Hells Canyon and the Snake River as a trading route, a place for hunting, fishing and gathering…