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Location: United Kingdom         Length: 8 min

Famed UK archaeologist and lecturer Dr. Brooklyn Hornswoggle-Smyth, Buckinghamshire New University’s youngest and most brilliant contemporologist, guides you through the ins and outs and back ins of the world of contemporary archaeology (exploring the very recent past)…


Location: Iraq         Length: 50 min

In April 2003, American troops entered Baghdad and the fog of war descended over the city. The staff of the National Museum of Iraq, under Director Dr. Donny George, were forced to abandon the Museum temporarily…


Location: India         Length: 14 min

Buddhism in India has yielded a legacy of many remarkable cultural heritage sites, many of which are an active part of the country’s living fabric…


Location: Jordan         Length: 15 min

The country of Jordan lies at the crossroads of humanity. Its historical sites tell the story of a unique cultural past reflecting connections to African, Asian and European traditions. Located in the cradle of Old World civilization, Jordan and its many remarkably well preserved cities and monuments illustrate the roots of the modern world…


Location: Oregon         Length: 15 min

Two hundred years earlier than the Rivergate Industrial District in northwest Portland, Oregon, native Chinookan people of the lower Columbia River lived in huge plank houses at a settlement we now call the St. Johns Site.

boytroweling web

Location: Virginia         Length: 27 min

People love the thrill of discovery. This is one key element that attracts people to archaeology. Witness a diverse group of regular folks as they learn about real archaeological discovery from a group that has been doing it for a long time…


Location: Guatemala         Length: 11 min

The peaceful Guatemalan rain forest hides an ancient story of empire building and disaster in the ruined Maya city of Waka', now called El Peru. K'inich Balam (Sun-faced Jaguar), who ruled Waka', severed ties with the city of Tikal and married Lady T'abi, a powerful royal princess from Calakmul. Just decades later, Tikal conquered both Calakmul and Waka'…


Location: Hawaii, United States         Length: 12 min

Kalaupapa, Hawaii, is one of those rare places where the history that began in the 1860s is still alive today. Located on the rugged shore of Molokai, Kalaupapa was chosen as the inescapable place to isolate Hawaiians with Hansen's Disease, better known as leprosy…

nativesknapping web

Location: Kentucky, USA     Length: 13 min.

This video presents highlights on what scholars have learned about Kentucky’s rich cultural heritage…


Location: Bangladesh         Length: 32 min

Khumi is the smallest of the indigenous groups in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of southeastern Bangladesh. In today’s age of globalization, changes are occurring in the animist Khumi peoples’ religion, culture, lifestyle and language, raising concern over the gradual disappearance of their unique beliefs and customs...