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Location: Turkey         Length: 9 min

In 146 BC, just as Corinth is set ablaze by the Romans, Hermogenes, a young architect from Priene in Asia Minor, goes back to his home city to study the city-planning of Pytheos and especially to visit the old house of his ancestors, before it is torn down…


Location: Italy         Length: 20 min.

Pompeii has come to life again thanks to 3D visual restoration…

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Location: Washington, USA        Length: 8 min.

This is a story about chert, identity and landscape.  Used for making flaked stone tools,  Hozomeen chert is a locally abundant and distinctive tool stone found exclusively in the northern Cascade Range…


Location: Virginia         Length: 28 min

Recent excavations at a number of sites, including Cactus Hill located along the Nottoway River in southwest Virginia, have provided new evidence and raised new questions about when people ventured into the Americas…


Location: Virginia         Length: 29 min

How are archaeologists solving history’s mysteries? What are archaeologists finding, how do they do their work using the scientific method, and what is the latest evidence about the people who lived here and knew this land before us?...

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Location: Illinois, USA.         Length: 14 min

Unbeknownst to most people, lots of archaeology goes on in Illinois all the time. Visit some excavation sites and drop in on the lab where the archaeologists organize, catalog and interpret what they find…


Location: Arizona         Length: 27 min

Buried beneath a few feet of earth near the sacred San Francisco Peaks are the remains of prehistoric houses and villages up to 1500 years old. This is the land of the Sinagua and Cohonina, ancestors of the Hopi. These were pioneers, farmers and survivors…


Location: UK         Length: 15 min

In 2006, University of Bristol archaeologists launched an innovative project: "excavating" a 1991 Ford transit van, used by archaeologists and others...


Location: Tennessee         Length: 22 min.

Capitalizing on a rare archaeological opportunity, archaeologists at Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee have unearthed the architecture of a Mississippian platform mound built a thousand years ago.


Location: Taiwan         Length: 21 min

The indigenous Austronesian people of Taiwan, just two percent of the island’s population, are a disadvantaged group, with high unemployment and substandard education…